Do you know how to keep a wonderful opinion of yourself?

Don't give that power to anyone else... Who's opinion do you give to much of your thoughts attention to?


We are all made special by God to be the person He created us to be.  Wisdom is knowing on our own we are always needing to improve on being the best version of that by using Scripture.  #1 Know you are loved by God  #2 Know you will always need Christ's forgiveness and you get it always girlie!!!  #3 Read scripture so you know of all His promises and benefits! #4 Be blessed with knowing of your greatness that comes from HIM!

You are strong - the Joy of the Lord gives you strength.... (Nehemiah 8:10)  That is a knowing of all He gives you and living with that knowing always... you must take control of your thoughts and kick all bad thoughts out!!!


Don't allow what you may seem to think someone thinks of you cloud this... knowing this is wisdom and joy to your soul... your mind, will and emotions!


Kim Reutzel